What is dh-virtualenv

dh-virtualenv is a tool that aims to combine Debian packaging with self-contained virtualenv based Python deployments. To do this, the package extends debhelper’s sequence by providing a new command in sequence, dh_virtualenv, which effectively replaces following commands from the sequence:

  • dh_auto_install
  • dh_python2
  • dh_pycentral
  • dh_pysupport

In the sequence the dh_virtualenv is inserted right after dh_perl.


Following list contains most notable changes by version. For full list consult the git history of the project.

0.7 (unreleased)

  • Backwards incompatible Support running tests. This change breaks builds that use distutils. For those cases a flag --no-test needs to be passed.
  • Add tutorial to documentation
  • Don’t crash on debbuild parameters -i and -a
  • Support custom source directory (debhelper’s flag -D)


First public release of dh-virtualenv