What is dh-virtualenv

dh-virtualenv is a tool that aims to combine Debian packaging with self-contained virtualenv based Python deployments. To do this, the package extends debhelper’s sequence by providing a new command in sequence, dh_virtualenv, which effectively replaces following commands from the sequence:

  • dh_auto_install
  • dh_python2
  • dh_pycentral
  • dh_pysupport

In the sequence the dh_virtualenv is inserted right after dh_perl.


Following list contains most notable changes by version. For full list consult the git history of the project.


  • Support for running triggers upon host interpreter update. This new feature makes it possible to upgrade the host Python interpreter and avoid breakage of all the virtualenvs installed with virtualenv. For usage, see the the Tutorial. Huge thanks to Jürgen Hermann for implementing this long wanted feature!
  • Add support for the built-in venv module. Thanks to Petri Lehtinen!
  • Allow custom pip flags to be passed via the --extra-pip-args flag. Thanks to @labeneator for the feature.


  • Backwards incompatible Support running tests. This change breaks builds that use distutils. For those cases a flag --no-test needs to be passed.
  • Add tutorial to documentation
  • Don’t crash on debbuild parameters -i and -a
  • Support custom source directory (debhelper’s flag -D)


First public release of dh-virtualenv