Welcome to dh-virtualenv’s documentation!


dh-virtualenv is a tool that aims to combine Debian packaging with self-contained Python software deployment in a pre-built virtualenv. To do this, the project extends debhelper’s build sequence by providing the new dh_virtualenv command.

This new command effectively replaces the following commands in the default sequence:

  • dh_auto_install
  • dh_python2
  • dh_pycentral
  • dh_pysupport

In the debhelper build sequence, dh_virtualenv is inserted right after dh_perl.

Reading Guide

  1. Getting Started helps you to set up your build machine and then package your first simple project.
  2. Packaging Guide explains all available features in more detail.
  3. The Packaging Cookbook demonstrates specific features and tricks needed for packaging more challenging projects.
  4. The Trouble-Shooting Guide explains some typical errors you might enounter, and their solution.
  5. To take a look into complete projects, see Real-World Projects Show-Case.
  6. API / Code Reference has a short overview of the implementation and links to the source code.
  7. Finally, the Changelog provides a history of releases with their new features and fixes.

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